Release Surrender

Tension on tension, it is building up, tension inside me, tension inside you, it is time to change, changing time, no more striving for more, be content with who you are, right down at your core, everything you are is there. Trust in yourself, believe in yourself.

Stop fighting to control it all, release all the pressure you put on yourself, give way to what you truly want for yourself, the things you desire the most, to be at ease in your own presence.

Sitting by the tree, I am feeling I need to release so much, I just have to surrender to this feeling. Let go, go with the flow, trust. Shake these shackles of control from you, I will do that too…

No matter how others react, it is our choice, yours and mine. Release and surrender with the lovely help from Mother Earth, we will succeed.

The wind is blowing away the fears we have, can you smell it ? There is something new coming our way, change is coming, for the better. Trust in yourself, believe in yourself, let go…

Give food to your inner child, it wants to play, joyfull in this world, let it out, come play with me, let us dance together, a merry-go-round, spinning and spinning, until we fall and jump up again, laughing.

Be enthousiast, be grateful for who you are let us shine together, a blazing fire in the univers, spreading joy all over. Thanks to Mother Earth.

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