Someone asked me a while ago, when are you really doing nothing? My reply was never and what do you mean? I said I read a book or see a movie, NO NO she said, when do you stare into the nothing, not thinking about anything? …. I do not think I have ever doneMeer lezen over “HOW TO RELAX?”


Being in harmony is a wonderful feeling. To get there we need to be in balance; balance of body, mind and spirit 🙂 . (I hope this does not sound too oldskool) For me the lemniscaat represents balance, you can use this symbol in any way you like, horizontal, vertical, in 3D like DNA-strings etc.Meer lezen over “BALANCING INTO HARMONY”

Rainbows and OZ

I love rainbows, always have. When I was a child, my mam used to say, yeah it is beautiful but it predicts bad weather. But I always feel very happy whenever I see these radiant bridges of color. Later on I learned about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – metaforMeer lezen over “Rainbows and OZ”


Everyday people lose loved ones, people we really do not want to lose. When this happens we stay behind, feeling left outside in the cold, speechless, numb, overcome by grief. We try to see reality through our sad feelings and emotions, we get lost in memories, feeling as if the earth shifted underneath our feet.Meer lezen over “COPING WITH LOSS AND GRIEF”

The fire in the belly

The fire in the belly gives warmth to the communication that comes from the heart. It took me a while to get to the phrase above… We are so accustomed to what is expected from us, that we no longer know who we are. Just think a moment about this, you might realise this isMeer lezen over “The fire in the belly”

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