Being in harmony is a wonderful feeling. To get there we need to be in balance; balance of body, mind and spirit 🙂 . (I hope this does not sound too oldskool)

For me the lemniscaat represents balance, you can use this symbol in any way you like, horizontal, vertical, in 3D like DNA-strings etc. The lemniscaat equals infinity therefor we find a multitude of balance in the world f.e. the balance between inhale and exhale.

Also very important is the balance between the different bodies of ourselves – the physical body, the ethereal body, the astral body and the incredible light body of the soul. To stay in harmony almost everything needs to be balance. Everything means really everything that is important , especially for you on a personnel level, for me it would mean that also colours have to be in balance (even if it means that somebody says, o my, what a bad combination of colours, if it resonates with me, it is all good).

To feel in harmony you have to reach some sort of equilibrium f.e. one wave right and one wave left, one step up and one step down, one cent in and one cent out, the light and the dark.

I am currently working on putting harmony in my life by searching for a balance in my body and my interaction with the multiverse. Today I read a quote “When the mind is full, there is no space left for the self (thyself)”. That was no coïncidence, we need to put less into our mind and more into our happiness – No Head No Worries 🙂 – that way we become balanced. So no more worries, no more stress, stop trying to change other people, release and let it go, that is what it is for me. Meditate, have fun, dance, paint, laugh, enjoy yourself and before you know it you will have the harmony you longed for, that is how I feel it.

All of the above, it is a challenge for me, but I like adventure and I hope you will join me on my journey to harmony.

Thanks and take care!

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