Someone asked me a while ago, when are you really doing nothing? My reply was never and what do you mean?

I said I read a book or see a movie, NO NO she said, when do you stare into the nothing, not thinking about anything? …. I do not think I have ever done this, or maybe when I am daydreaming. And that – daydreaming – really not happens a lot because I am always busy : working, walking, biking, doing groceries, painting, gathering new ideas, reading science magazines, reading a book, visiting someone, cooking, thinking, there is always something to do but relaxing.

How oddly it might sound, I feel guilty when I am doing nothing – or think I am doing nothing – staring into the void; that is just not done!

Last weekend I said, this weekend is relaxy-taxi, I am going to relax and nothing else… Frankly I did not even know how to relax, the first day I was so pumped up to really relax that I ended up frustated because I could not relax, not even for a second. Completely baffled, I went to bed, lying awake for half of the night, desperately trying to relax my mind….

The next day was little better but when everything I had planned was done, I was able to “relax” in my own way for a couple of hours. I slept better and the day after – we had a long weekend – was even better.

So now you think I know how to relax, don’t you? Far from it…

Maybe it just has to happen to us, the moments we are not thinking, doing, planning anything, it might grow from nanoseconds into seconds into (hopefully) a minute or 2 of relaxation, that would be wonderful!

Please do not try to control your relaxing time, to more you try to control it, the less relaxed you will be. So just let if flow, it will flow to you and from you, but you will have the best relaxing time ever.

By relaxing you will pull in energy, energy you need for future adventures, energies that kindle the fire in the belly to open your heart, and when you are in balance : relaxing with an open heart you stand in your strength. Maybe the butterflies can help you relax.

Thanks for your time and take care 🙂

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