PATIENCE, say what?!…

Oh no, did they actually say, you need to have patience?! Aarrrgghhh, and I thought I had already had too much patience, it really makes me feel so small…

Years ago, when I was living alone in an appartement, I had this A4 hanging on the inside of the frontdoor : Patience is the key to the paradise. Wise words for sure, but when somebody tells me I have to be patient, that really is just not me,…

Anyway even if you try to make things come sooner to you, that is just not working… It might even come not at all.

The best thing you can do is leave it alone, do not think about, do not talk about it, do not fret about it, just let it be and start doing something else. Try to have some fun, go for a walk in the park and enjoy nature, the song of the birds, the beautiful green of spring, talk to a friend, and live your life to the fullest.

And suddenly, before you know it, it is there, the thing you longed for, graved for, cried for, suddenly it is there, and then you can say at least, wow, I did not know I could have that much patience, it feels like time (yeah yeah it does not exists, I know 🙂 ), like time fled by so fast.

Anyway, I understand that patience is needed, because it must be the right moment for whatever you wish for, to manifest, and I totally know it is necessary, but it always rubs me the wrong way.

I can only hope that now that I am getting older, I can endure the time that is needed for my wishes to come true, but oh my, it does not get any easier…

Thanks to Patrizia of Work your light on YouTube for supporting this blog , I can not thank you enough.

PS I had to have a lot of patience before this painting was finished 😀

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