A.A.P. – Affordable Art Project

So… I am thinking about a way to bring art to the masses, at a reasonable price, but at the same time the right price for the artist. There must be a way to show artworks to the people , ways that are not too expensive, like putting the artworks in cafés or hallways ofMeer lezen over “A.A.P. – Affordable Art Project”

PATIENCE, say what?!…

Oh no, did they actually say, you need to have patience?! Aarrrgghhh, and I thought I had already had too much patience, it really makes me feel so small… Years ago, when I was living alone in an appartement, I had this A4 hanging on the inside of the frontdoor : Patience is the keyMeer lezen over “PATIENCE, say what?!…”


Someone asked me a while ago, when are you really doing nothing? My reply was never and what do you mean? I said I read a book or see a movie, NO NO she said, when do you stare into the nothing, not thinking about anything? …. I do not think I have ever doneMeer lezen over “HOW TO RELAX?”


Being in harmony is a wonderful feeling. To get there we need to be in balance; balance of body, mind and spirit 🙂 . (I hope this does not sound too oldskool) For me the lemniscaat represents balance, you can use this symbol in any way you like, horizontal, vertical, in 3D like DNA-strings etc.Meer lezen over “BALANCING INTO HARMONY”