A.A.P. – Affordable Art Project

So… I am thinking about a way to bring art to the masses, at a reasonable price, but at the same time the right price for the artist.

There must be a way to show artworks to the people , ways that are not too expensive, like putting the artworks in cafés or hallways of big companies, where they are a delight for the co-workers and in the meantime they are promoted and people can buy them at reasonable prices. Ofcourse there is always also the social media, where you can find a lot of art, but that is also not that easy to find because if you do not fill in the right hashtags or core words, maybe you will never find what you are looking for…

In this fast world, people are prone to change their livingrooms faster and faster, the living has become so hectic that a beautiful piece of art can bring some relief is this stressful world. But also the artworks are changing faster and faster on the wall, so if art is made more affordable, people can buy something else sooner, more art would be available and could get sold.

It is a random thought that has been playing in my head for a longer time now , so I brought it up now in my blog for the first time. Not everybody will like my idea , I am aware of that, but it feels right to me.

It would bring a lot of talent to the public, talent that is never seen nowadays because of the unwritten rule that in order to be art with a capital A, a work must be expensive…

Anyway , I will let you think about this too 😃, now.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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