Rainbows and OZ

I love rainbows, always have. When I was a child, my mam used to say, yeah it is beautiful but it predicts bad weather. But I always feel very happy whenever I see these radiant bridges of color.

Later on I learned about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – metafor for finding the greatest good you can ever find – people told stories about gnomes etc. and I learned about the breaking of the light in school, to create rainbows. I love colors. Once I was feeling depressed and I used eyeshadow to paint a rainbow allover my face, and I instantly felt more happy.

Being very interested also in Dreamtime stories f.e. the Rainbow Serpent came into the picture, the creature who created all the lands, billabongs, hills etc.

The Song “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, played in the movie the Wizard of OZ, has been a drive for both colors and “OZ” aka Australia in my life.

The Chakra’s also carry the colors of the rainbow.

Recently rainbows appear everywhere in my life, and I am making it my personal adventure to find out all I can about them.

Light + water = rainbow – and also – Light + water = the beginning of life ( see the Rainbow Serpent); the power to transform : transforming yourself ; using alchemy to transform yourself : transforming via quantum physics, secret geometry and photons, changing your DNA. Days ago I saw rainbows in puddles of water I past by on my bike, there was no direct sunlight, a lot of clouds at the sky but I saw rainbows, that was spectacular, and also a bit strange, but nevertheless exciting.

Just a couple of weeks ago I learned about the Tibetan rainbow body, it seems that when you reach that state you literally ascend to another dimension!!! I looked further into this matter using my inner knowledge and I got the message that we need to go through the rainbow portal first, before we can reach the state of the Tibetan rainbow body. Currently I am working on an artpiece called the rainbow portal, I will post it later when it is finished.

Hoping I sparkled your intrest in rainbows / OZ or colors, I will be back later with more stuff about these.

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