Everyday people lose loved ones, people we really do not want to lose. When this happens we stay behind, feeling left outside in the cold, speechless, numb, overcome by grief.

We try to see reality through our sad feelings and emotions, we get lost in memories, feeling as if the earth shifted underneath our feet. Whatever we are feeling, it is all good. Feelings of despair, anger, sorrow, compassion, loneliness, it is ok. It is as it is. There are no words to describe how you feel, there is no manual to help you out. How you release your pain and sorrow is totally up to you.

I have recently lost some loved ones. It felt awkward. Unreal. It touched me deep inside, and something stirred, emotions going haywire, emotions from long ago losses being released now, all together with the recent losses, oh my, what is this? I never cried so much as I did now, but I also knew that I was coping with all the losses I came across during my life. Something changed me, my inner feelings, all came out all at once, and it was good for me, so I can now go on with my life.

I am very content to know that all of them are in a better place now, without pain and suffering, reunited with their soulfamily, “back into the universal soup” as one told me, right after passing away, giggling while she said that.

My heart goes out to all the families who stay behind, each with their own thoughts, each with their own beliefs. Each with their own grief and sadness…

The feeling I had after a recent funeral was a feeling of renewal, the old had past and made space for the new to come in, it brightened my heart. This was so powerful, so wonderful, such a warm embracing feeling.

Go, loved ones, fly away, to (y)our destiny in the stars, we will remember you with love.

Forever in our heart, until we meet again …


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