The fire in the belly

The fire in the belly gives warmth to the communication that comes from the heart.

It took me a while to get to the phrase above… We are so accustomed to what is expected from us, that we no longer know who we are. Just think a moment about this, you might realise this is also true for you.

It starts from the moment we are born, your parents are shielding you – out of love – from a zillion things and they teach you how to live your life, as their elders taught them. However this mostly is done for safety or other reasons, at a certain moment in life you come to the conclusion that you are living somebody elses dream.

And then the journey starts, some will have no problem releasing all the old, others quiet a few, it will be a bumpy road, but when you start believing in yourself and all the possibilities you have, it could go a little smoother.

Some keywords : acknowledge, accept, release, go with the flow…, stop swimming against the stream => there is nothing for you upstream only stress and sadness.

Try to remember who you are, you, this tiny little spark who can become a mighty roaring blaze of fire, a baken in the vast emptiness.

Love yourself, trust yourself, listen to your body and open your heart(s). Reprogram yourself and loose bad habits you learned on the go, loose feelings that are not yours, loose old emotions trapped in your DNA (inherited karma).

There is so much more out there, more then we can grasp at first. Be aware of the fact that we are the alchemists or our life.

I will be back shortly with more inspiring news.

Thanks for your attention and take care.

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